About Me

My name is Chris Marslender. I currently live in Tucson, Arizona. I was born and raised here, but have lived a few other places, most recently Portland, Oregon. I have been building websites for many years, initially just simple static HTML/CSS sites. After discovering PHP and trying out a few different PHP based frameworks and content management systems, I eventually decided that my primary focus for now would be WordPress and it has become my CMS of choice, though I do like to work with other frameworks such as Laravel when I have time. I’ve also been tinkering with Vue.js, and React also sounds like loads of fun, just need to find something to build with it.

Outside of work, I play the saxophone in (and serve on the board of) a community concert band.

The initial goal of this website is to have a place to publish WordPress and general web development thoughts or tutorials, as well as information about plugins I have developed. I may on occasion write up articles on some other topics that I find interesting.

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