Monthly Archives: March 2012

Google Chrome Application Shortcuts

Have you ever wanted a way to keep your email or calendar open in your browser, without you being permitted to navigate to another webpage (in the same tab at least). When the ability to pin tabs came out, I kept both my gmail and google calendar as pinned tabs, but if a link was clicked in an email for instance, that pinned tab was now at whatever webpage I had just been linked to, rather than my email. I found myself always wanting a way to keep both gmail and google calendar open!

Come to find out, Google Chrome has a feature that does just this – application shortcuts. For example, say you want to do this for gmail. First open a new tab and pull up your gmail account. Once you are there, click on the wrench icon in the top left of Chrome, go to tools, and select “Create Application Shortcuts…”

You will then be asked where you want the shortcuts to the app to appear on your computer, and when it is opened, you will be presented with a streamlined chrome window, without the address bar and other clutter, and any links clicked are opened in chrome, keeping the app available.

Unfortunately, this is not available on Macintosh as of right now; according to Google it is supported on both Windows and Linux.